Software Partners

We have built workCITE to be the best mobile extension of any software you already use. Office staff doesn’t have to switch from something that already works for them and with our 3rd party API services, your work order data and technician field updates can be transmitted seamlessly and instantly back and fourth.

Supercharge your team with workCITE+CRM Integration

If you haven’t found a CRM/ERP solution yet, our preferred integration partner is Solve CRM, which offers the best of both CRM (customer relationship management) and Project Management in one easy to use tool. With Solve’s simple yet powerful desktop application, you can easily manage current and potential customers and make sure their work is getting done as scheduled with seamless updates coming in from your field techs using workCITE.

Is Salesforce too clunky and expensive? Solve has the speed and flexibility to give your business a distinct advantage.


Learn more to see if Solve + workCITE is right for your growing business.